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Careers: How to Crush a Telephone Interview

  • 14 Jun 2022
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Join us via zoom!


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How to Crush a Telephone Interview
Prepare for those "out of the blue" recruiter calls!

With Catherine Jewell, The Career Passion® Coach

It would be easy to botch a telephone screen from a recruiter. After all, it’s probably not something you are expecting at 2:00 PM on a Friday. But the call is coming. And, it could possibly be the biggest opportunity you’ve ever had. This session is designed to help you anticipate recruiter calls, and teaches you how to best answer them.

In this session, we will cover:

        Making the call a true connection
        Preparing your “pitch” in advance
        How to deal with salary questions
        How to study your own LinkedIn Profile to anticipate questions
        What questions to ask the recruiter

Bonus: Everyone who attends this session will receive a free copy of my handout: Phone Screen Questions, a special report normally reserved for Career Passion® coaching clients. Get all the questions a recruiter is likely to ask during an initial phone screen. 

About Your Host:

Catherine Jewell is the Career Passion Coach and author of the book Empowered Networking.  Through her coaching and workshops, she has helped hundreds of business professionals find their Career Passions, create new business ventures, or find new jobs. Catherine has been host of the ATD Career Community since 2012. She writes resumes, provides career testing, interview preparation, salary negotiation and helps with all phases of job seeking. You can learn more at www.CareerPassionCoach.com

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