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  • July Chapter Meeting: Speaking the Sponsor's Language: How to get a Seat at The Table

July Chapter Meeting: Speaking the Sponsor's Language: How to get a Seat at The Table

  • 19 Jul 2019
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • New Horizons Computer Learning Center, 300 E Highland Mall Blvd, #100, Austin, TX
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Speaking the Sponsor's Language: How to get a Seat at The Table

After 18 years as a communication lead and change manager, Grace became a Director of Change Management and was asked by the COO to make weekly updates to the Senior Team. Finally, with a REAL seat at THE table, she was able to influence perceptions of the project, create and present success metrics and participate in the real-time conversations with the executives who were making the big decisions. 

With candor, humor and real-life "in the trenches" stories and tools, Grace will inspire and motivate you to shift your perspective about your role and empower you to truly "be the change" that you want to see on your project.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Get access to the Sponsor, then build and maintain a successful long-term, strategic relationship
  • Create and maintain value for the Sponsor about Change activities and progress
  • Get a seat at the "right" table so you can influence the change from a strategic vantage point and timing
  • Build credibility with key executives and other influencer's for your change project so they are empowered to get on with the real work of Change Leadership that your change demands

Speaker Bio:  Grace Gravestock

On the cutting edge of organizational change management for global companies and across seven industries in 20 years, Grace is a sought-after Catalyst for Positive Change. Here to connect, motivate and inspire others to maximize their potential, Grace is a speaker, facilitator and consultant to corporate leaders, organizations and teams.

A curious innovator, Grace uses technologies including Human Design, Biofield Energy Healing and Design Thinking to help her clients find their own Silver Lining within the frenetic pace of change that's led so many to burnout, distraction, overwhelm and lives of quiet desperation.

By helping individuals and corporate teams find their own inner Super Power, Personal GPS and Alignment with their Life Purpose, she helps clients integrate newfound self-awareness and knowledge to increase personal and professional Success, including greater productivity, Satisfaction, Surprise and Peace. A common output is increased employee engagement and job satisfaction.

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