ROI for Practitioners, Consultants, and Organizations


1 Strategic for your organization.

Write down 3-5 issues you and your organization are currently facing. Then, after the program is announced, make a list of the sessions that will help you address these immediate challenges. Discuss the potential tools/tips you could bring back to your organization to move the business strategy forward .

2 Build your career.

Highlight educational opportunities on the program presented and how that fits with your own research agenda. If you are a practitioner, focus on areas of competence that you are trying to build and how the Applied Learning Summit will help you. Note the Leader in Learning awards presentations, keynote speakers, and panel of experts.

3 Size and cost of the Annual Summit.

Attending the Applied Learning Summit is much more cost- effective and time-efficient than participating in multiple seminars or webinars because you get all of the information you need in one place at one time for an incredibly reasonable price.

4 Build a networking list.

The Annual Summit is your source for networking, bringing together your peers. Make note of speakers, exhibitors, and industry representatives or other groups you would like to meet, share strategies with, or learn new practices from. If you are a consultant, highlight the opportunities to meet potential clients and discuss the work that your firm focuses on.

5 Impact on your project plans.

Make a list of who you intend to meet and what projects you will be working on. Show how attending the Applied Learning Summit is important for pushing your project’s  agenda.

6 Share the Summit’s Application Guide

Immediately after the summit, write a short summary of what you learned, who you met at the summit, and how you will use the information you received and the contacts you made to improve your work. Offer to deliver a short presentation or conduct a quick question-and-answer session about what you learned.

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